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Learning abbreviations

Reading the paper on the Bio2RDF database.

It contains something that I need, an overview of different techniques, databases and formats that are common in the semantic web community, but of which I know to few still.

Some useful abbreviations just learned (some I knew somewhat, but was not sure):

Formats / Languages

  • RDF - Resource Description Framework
  • OWL - Web Ontology Language
  • LSID - Life Sciences ID
  • Dublin core


  • Bio2RDF
  • KEGG - Kyoto Encyclopedia of Genes and Genomes

Upgrading to Eclipse 3.5 / Bioclipse 2.2

Bioclipse now runs on Eclipse 3.5, so time to grab it. I grabbed Eclipse "classic".

I then just opened the workspace that I had prepared earlier by following the instructions at http://wiki.bioclipse.net/index.php?title=Checking_out_Bioclipse_2.0, in Eclipses 3.5 and tried to run Bioclipse 2.2.

It "almost" started... Errors are documented in the attached log file and screenshot.

Had to learn some basic vim

I just realized that git is using vim as text editor (hope it is possible to change to nano or equivalent). Anyway, as for now I guess I better just learn som basic vim commands.

http://heather.cs.ucdavis.edu/~matloff/UnixAndC/Editors/ViIntro.html saved me.

The most important commands to remember are:

i - enter "insert mode"
a - enter "append mode"
ESC - leave "insert" or "append mode"
x - delete one character
dd - delete one line (and store it in clipboard)
ZZ - Save and close
ZQ - Close w/o saving


Looking into git

I found a git tutorial at http://git.or.cz/course/svn.html Looks useful for svn users, since it has the paired the corresponding git / svn commands. Another one is https://we.riseup.net/debian/git-development-howto as well.


First blog entry

My first blog entry here! Congrats to me! =)