Switched to Xubuntu

I was upgrading to Ubuntu 11.10 the other day, after sticking to the pre-Unity, Ubuntu 10.10. Now I thought the Unity stuff would have gotten better, and sure it has, but still I couldn't stand it ... so, switched to Xubuntu (sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop), which uses XFCE as desktop environment instead of GNOME.

And after some tweaking ... Wow! ... so snappy, so beatiful, so fast, so consistent! just wow ... It's definitely my distro of choice from now on ...

Have to throw a screenshot at you (sorry, haven't got the Lightbox up working yet):

For your referece:

How to format an XML document lacking line breaks and indents

Install xmlstarlet in Ubuntu:

sudo apt-get install xmlstarlet

Use the formatting command:

[code that produces some xml] | xmlstarlet fo

... or, if you are generating the XML with an XSLT stylesheet, don't forget the following line, after the xsl:stylesheet tag:

<xsl:output method="xml" indent="yes" encoding="UTF-8" />

Debugging MediaWiki extensions with Eclipse for PHP and XDebug on Ubuntu 10.04

 I ran into some troubles with the debugging with XDebug in Eclipse for PHP Developers / PDT (breakpoints stopped to take / catch, after I changed location of my www folder - which I figured out later), so I wanted to document the full setup procedure it here. I mainly followed this blog post. (Assuming you have apache and php set up!).

  • Download Eclipse for PHP developers
    • I'm using the Linux 32 bit version
    • Because of a bug with PDT for Eclipse Helios, I chose to go with Eclipse PDT SR2 for now.
  • Install XDebug by typing:
 apt-get install php5-xdebug
  • Edit /etc/php5/conf.d/xdebug.ini to look something like this:
# xdebug.remote_log="/tmp/xdebug.log" 
    • The log line can be good to enable in case you run into troubles.
    • The first line can be different depending on PHP version. Use the line that you can find in the file (which is the default for your version of Ubuntu):
  • Restart apache:
 sudo apache2ctl restart

Configure Eclipse

  • Create a PHP Project. Mine is named "RDF4SMW".
  • Choose Run > Debug Configurations in Eclipse
  • Turn the configuration to your web server setup. For me, it looks like this ("smw" is the folder where MediaWiki is installed):

Custom location of www folder

Then an important thing If you have changed the location of your www folder from /var/www, then don't miss this! This was what caused the problem for me, with breakpoints not taking:

  • Click the "Configure" button in the Debug configuration screen seen above
  • Click the "Path mapping" tab
  • Configure according to the location of your www folder. My current config looks like so:
  • This should be it. Happy debugging!

Accessing BLIPKIT from command line Java or Eclipse Plug-in in Ubuntu

For my own documentation I went ahead and summarized all the steps I had to take

  1. In order to start blipkit from java commandline, and
  2. In order to start blipkit from an Eclipse plugin.

[SOLVED] "Could not find library -lXpm" when building The SWI-Prolog XPCE package

When trying to build swi-prolog packages from source, the xpce package complains:

Keeping track of installed files when building from source, in Ubuntu

I ran into the trouble that I needed to clean up some software built from source, that did not have the "make uninstall" option, what a mess!

Just found a solution though: paco. Paco keeps track of installed files if you run "make install" through it. Later you can easily remove the installed packages.


Installing Telia 3G Mobile Broadband with Option 505 3G modem on Ubuntu Jaunty (9.04)

Was fighting with installation of Installing Telia 3G Mobile Broadband with Option 505 3G on Ubuntu Jaunty (9.04) this weekend.

Installing gPapers in Ubuntu Jaunty (9.04)

I discovered Mendeley today. Except for it's citation organization features, for which it is not unique (there are CiteUlike, JabRef and more) it works as a desktop app that indexes all your local PDF documents, and has an internal PDF viewer that lets you annotate the documents. These two are killer features that I've been looking for since a long time.

It's a pity though that it is proprietary. It would naturally feel better to put your work in the hands of an open system.