Testing out querying Prolog from Bioclipse

My project has been more or less on hold for around a week because of exams and other stuff. Looking forward to getting some concrete things done now. While still reading up a bit on OWL, I've started taken the first steps of the prolog/blipkit integration with a simple method for querying a prolog on the form "subject, a predicate, and an object".

Accessing BLIPKIT from command line Java or Eclipse Plug-in in Ubuntu

For my own documentation I went ahead and summarized all the steps I had to take

  1. In order to start blipkit from java commandline, and
  2. In order to start blipkit from an Eclipse plugin.

Finally got blipkit started from java via jpl

Finally got blipkit started from java via jpl :)

  • (Thanks to Andrew Koster on the SWIPL mailing list, who made me continue researching the LD_PRELOAD trick!)

In order to get the jpl java examples to work, LD_LIBRARY_PATH has to contain:


Furthermore, CLASSPATH has to be:

Now firing up blipkit works, when calling Java from commandline!!!

[SOLVED] How to set java.library.path for an Eclipse/Bioclipse plugin?

EDIT: Se solution at the bottom of the page

I'm trying to set the java.library.path system setting for my Bioclipse manager/Eclipse plugin.

Normally, if running java from command line, this variable should be set like so (According to what I've googled up):

java -Djava.library.path=/usr/local/lib/pl-5.7.15/lib/i686-linux/JavaClassName

so I have tried to add the line


to the arguments in "Run" > "Run configurations" for my plugin's product file, under the "arguments" tab.

Java/Prolog interface (SWI Prolog JPL) up running!

Install notes for SWI Prolog JPL on Ubuntu Jaunty (9.04)

JPL is a bi-directional Java/Prolog interface for SWI-Prolog, which I hope to be able to use for integrating Blipkit into Bioclipse, so I'm happy to have got it up running tonight. Below are some notes from the installation procedure.

NOTE: These are still rather incomplete notes about how to get this to work.