First blog entry

My first blog entry here! Congrats to me! =)




Please do let me know what tag for the subset of blog you'll use for items you like to show up on

BTW, what blog software are you using?? Looks nice!

Thanks, Yes, I'll give u the


Yes, I'll give u the tag name, as soon as I've published my first blog post that I want to show on plant bioclipse.

I'm using drupal, together with the Sky theme. Yes, Drupal is a very nice system, with a great lot of powerfulness since it is so modular and generically designed. Powerful features are easy to set up with just a number of mouse clicks (see the contact person search at* for example, which is all based on standard Drupal modules + a simple javascript for the map-clicking).

<sub>* The reason for me being busy in Finland this summer :)