3rd Project Update (Integrating SWI-Prolog for Semantic Reasoning in Bioclipse)

I just had my 3rd, and last project update presentation (before the final presenation on April 28th), presenting results from comparing the performance of the integrated SWI-Prolog against Jena and Pellet, for a spectrum similarity search query. Find the sldes below.

Semantic web for LAMP systems

Just aquainted myself a tiny bit with ARC, RDF Classes for PHP. Might be useful in the Bioclipse / Semantic MediaWiki integration that is in the thoughts for the coming months. ARC "framework", or RDF API used by RDF modules in Drupal, and has been talked about being the substitute for the currently used RAP framework in Semantic MediaWiki (used if one wants to set up a SPARQL endpoint for a Semantic MediaWiki).

On a different note, there are a bunch of nice web apps built on ARC over at semsol.com, most notably trice, a semantic web application framework.

Representing lists in RDF

I was wondering how to express lists in RDF. Here is the answer, in RDF/N3 (there's a nice shorthand version available in N3).


RDF in Drupal Screenshot

As work has now started on getting bioclipse.net on Drupal (more on that in a while), it's good to know that Drupal is in to semantic web.

I was wondering what it looks like (since I have not had time to play with it), and to me, this screenshot was clarifying, showing how you can map fields (core fields, or your own custom ones) to rdf types (In drupal you can create both custom fields, and custom content types, which contain many fields).

Converting RDF predicates to Prolog convenience methods with RegEx

Using SWI-Prolog's semweb package, I had extracted all predicates in a RDF source, containing some 1 million triples, into the following list:

Nice intro to RDF in Prolog (by Pellet author)

I found a nice introduction to the use of RDF in Prolog (SWI-Prolog). It contains short primers for both RDF and Prolog, so it should be accessible to anyone with a minimal programming background:

Pondering over strategies for evaluating BLIPKIT vs Pellet for use with NMRShift data

As a subproject, I'm now focusing on doing some comparison between reasoning in Prolog and Pellet, using example data from NMRShiftDB.org. Below I'm documenting my planning, + any new findings while I'm digging in to this subpeoject.

Semantic web technologies contrasted in a few sentences

I finally found a summary that contrasts RDF, RDF Schema, OWL, and rule languages (SWRL in this case) in a few sentences: