Tricks for upgrading from Drupal 5 to 6

Fix duplicate menu items

1. Run, in a MySQL command prompt:

DELETE FROM menu_links WHERE menu_links.module = 'system' OR 'admin_menu';

2. Go to admin/build/modules to rebuild the menus.
(ref: http://drupal.org/node/149562#comment-1969614)

Fix i18strings problem

drop table i18n_strings;
update variable set value="i:0" where name="i18nstrings_update_skip";

... then run update 5900 on i18strings on update.php.

Fix other i18n problems

1. Disable all components under "Multilanguage" (i18n)
2. Uninstall


Reset drupal admin password via database

UPDATE users SET pass = md5('newpassword') WHERE uid = 1;


Powerful new modules for Drupal layouting and ease of use

France24, a french news website, recently upgraded from Drupal 5 to Drupal 6, taking benefit of improved performance and functionality. In the course, they have developed a seemingly quite impressive set of modules that provide the functionality that was missing in Drupal in order to create a highly flexibly layouted, and easy-worked news website - features which are highly general to many categories of websites. The good news is that they now have released most, if not all, of their custom modules as open source, as reported on drupal.org. Great news!


RDF in Drupal Screenshot

As work has now started on getting bioclipse.net on Drupal (more on that in a while), it's good to know that Drupal is in to semantic web.

I was wondering what it looks like (since I have not had time to play with it), and to me, this screenshot was clarifying, showing how you can map fields (core fields, or your own custom ones) to rdf types (In drupal you can create both custom fields, and custom content types, which contain many fields).