Even nicer with more prefixes


Ok, even nicer now ... after allowing to introduce custom namespace prefixes also with '?' and '=' as separators (Don't know if that is valid for QNames though? Anyone knows?) than before (blog post 1, and post 2):

Code (see code repo) is still quite ugly though. Just typed together to get things working. Will look at structuring things more as soon as I have slept a little better :)

I also got to think of these random issues, which is foremost questions to myself, that might not be fully thought-through yet, but jotting them down here for possible feedback (hoping it's readable ^^):

  • Imports will have to be done according to a special "mapping configuration", so that the same config can be used on import and export, if wanted. Such a config should be generated on import based on the RDF namespaces used. It should also be manually expandable with a prioritized list of properties (like dc:title) to use as substitute for URIs. Maybe it could be stored in a (timestamped?) wiki article?
  • When using "natural language" substitutes for URI:s, such as "dc:title", one has to put a property such as swivt:originalURI or similar into the page, so that it can be exported again with its original URI (or there is already the swivt:importedFrom (or sth like that...) ... is it better to use that?
  • The SPARQL endpoint will need to be accessed according to the same kinds of mapping configs if the wiki should be able to be queried in the same format as the import data ...

Using RDF namespace prefixes in wiki titles


As you might have seen in my previous blog post, using the full RDF URI:s as wiki titles on importing, is not optimal. I now managed to use the RDF namespace prefixes submitted on import time, to make titles nicer. Definitely improves things a bit. At least all properties are not all treated as the same as in the previous blog post for example.

But, also still a bit to go. Not all URI:s have prefixes, and for some things you would probably want to use the corresponding dc:title or similar instead of an abbreviated URI, etc.


Populating SMW from RDF/XML (First test)

I now managed, (using ARC2 and SMWWriter, in a MediaWiki extension) to populate Semantic MediaWiki pages with triples, from a snippet of RDF/XML (Thanks to Egon Willighagen for the RDF-ized NMRShiftDB data, submitted further below), yay! But ... as you can see, using the full URI:s as wiki names is not a good idea. URI:s as wiki titles is ugly ... and the predicates in this case even got truncated and all treated as the same one, since they had hashes in it, which MediaWiki obviously doesn't allow in titles), so that's the whole background for our talking so much about the "equivalent URI handler" (mentioned here for example), which is thought to be a configurable handler of mappings from URI patterns to (sensible) wiki titles. Also, optimally the same pattern can then be used both on import and export so that the format is kept, allowing to use SMW as a (collaborative) RDF editor! (which is one of the main motivations for my GSoC project).

Well, the hard bits (URI -> Wiki title mapping) remains. Diving in to it now ...

Semantic web technologies contrasted in a few sentences

I finally found a summary that contrasts RDF, RDF Schema, OWL, and rule languages (SWRL in this case) in a few sentences: