NMR SPARQL search problem solved

The problem I've had, to find a working SPARQL query for doing similarity search for spectra, according to a list of peak shift values (documented on this blog: post1, post 2 and on semanticoverflow) is now finally solved, thanks to helpful advice from Brandon Ibach on the [pellet-users] mailing list.

Tricky reasnong problem for SPARQL and OWL: Lists of property chains containing numerical value constraints

EDIT (19/2): The problem with doing this with a SPARQL query, is now solved! See this blog post.

Thought I should write up on my NMRSpectrum similarity search problem, which I've got quite stuck with ... even after trying to get some advice from Semantic Overflow. So ... here we go.

I have a problem that I can't seem to express successfully in either pure SPARQL nor using OWL class descriptions, seemingly because the problem combines lists, property chains, and numerical value constraints, in a troublesome mix.

Catching up on NMR Spectroscopy

Looking into some NMR usecases for my project, I realize my knowlegde from the Organic Chemistry course some four years ago has quite much faded away. Luckily I found this excellent NMR intro lecture on YouTube: