Screencast: Experimental Prolog integration in Bioclipse

I wanted to test out some screen casting, so I chose to demo the (still experimental) SWI-Prolog integration into Bioclipse, showing how Prolog code (or a "Prolog knowledge base") can conveniently be stored inside Bioclipse's JavaScript environment (in a JS variable), loaded into the prolog engine, and then queried, all from the JS environment, and finally the results can be returned as well to the Javascript environment for further processing or output.

Note that this is still at the experimental stage, so things are a bit rough around the edges!



(btw, "recordmydesktop" + "gtk-recordmydesktop" for ubuntu worked like a charm! :) )

grey comment clouds?

Samuel, how did you add those comment clouds? That's neat!

That's a YouTube feature

That's a YouTube feature infact ... Works well indeed, much easier to use than any of the similar features in the screencast softwares I've tried before.

Just activate the "annotations editor" at the top right corner when in edit mode on a Video over at YouTube.