First look at code - Thoughts and questions

Coding for my GSoC project will start for real in June, 9th or so, but I just had a first look at code, to start wrapping my head around the things involved. I installed the following on my local SMW:

I tested the RAP based SPARQL endpoint, played a bit with SMWWriter, and tried to get some grips of how to best use existing functionality for implementing RDF import/export.

Some questions that arose (for Denny in the first place, I guess, but feel free to comment):

  1. For implementing a SPARQL endpoint, should the ARC RDF store be implemented, similar to how RAP implements a separate store that mirrors the content in the SMW, or is there any way to get around the need for an extra store?
  2. An alternative starting point to implementing an ARC store, In addition to the RAP store connector already available in SMW, seems to be the JosekiStore connector in SparqlExtension. But of course, one can look at both.
  3. Where to find the relevant functionality related to the equivalent URI property found? In SMW_Exporter.php? other places too? 
  4. SMWWriter depends on an outdated version of PageObjectModel, while the latter
    seems to have stabilized (no changes since 2008). What to do about that?


JavaScript SPARQL editor

Perhaps this JavaScript SPARQL editor might also be of interest:

Looks nice :)

Looks nice :)

Comments on the design questions

Hi Samuel,
knowing that you are finishing today your school assignments, let's kick off the discussion.

1. Yes to both. For the beginning I would go to create a mirror store since this is easier to implement. But this is actually not required. If you completely implement the store API on top of the SPARQL store, i.e. also the querying instead of passing the queries on as the RAP store did, you would not need the SQL store anymore. And translating Ask to SPARQL should be easy, far easier than the SQL translation.

2. True and possible. As long as no dependencies to Java-code are there, I am happy with either.

3. I'll need to check closer into that. Bug me for it by Thursday.

4. Actually, I think it does not depend on an outdated version, but rather on an updated one. I have made a number of changes to POM in order to implement SMWWriter. But there seems to be a number of problems with SMWWriter I need to look in anyway :( But didn't have the time yet.

Today I am defending my thesis, so this will be one major step towards getting a bit more time. The other is my move to L.A. on the weekend. Before that my availability will be spotty, but this should from now on improve :)