Converting RDF predicates to Prolog convenience methods with RegEx

Using SWI-Prolog's semweb package, I had extracted all predicates in a RDF source, containing some 1 million triples, into the following list:

Nice intro to RDF in Prolog (by Pellet author)

I found a nice introduction to the use of RDF in Prolog (SWI-Prolog). It contains short primers for both RDF and Prolog, so it should be accessible to anyone with a minimal programming background:

Accessing BLIPKIT from command line Java or Eclipse Plug-in in Ubuntu

For my own documentation I went ahead and summarized all the steps I had to take

  1. In order to start blipkit from java commandline, and
  2. In order to start blipkit from an Eclipse plugin.

Got blipkit started from inside Eclipse

I now also managed to start blipkit from inside Eclipse.

The trick was to start the whole eclipse (The eclipse using for building Bioclipse) preceded with LD_PRELOAD=...the path to libjpl.so , and before that adding the paths to where libjava.so and libjvm.so are located.

Finally got blipkit started from java via jpl

Finally got blipkit started from java via jpl :)

  • (Thanks to Andrew Koster on the SWIPL mailing list, who made me continue researching the LD_PRELOAD trick!)

In order to get the jpl java examples to work, LD_LIBRARY_PATH has to contain:


Furthermore, CLASSPATH has to be:

Now firing up blipkit works, when calling Java from commandline!!!

SWI-Prolog JPL up running inside Bioclipse - Thinking about next steps

So, today I finally got the jpl (Java / Prolog API) up running inside Bioclipse, succeeding with compiling a simple test prolog program (The "test 0" in the "Test" example supplied with SWI-Prolog). Only talking to swi-prolog so far though, not blipkit. Starting blipkit includes loading prolog files etc. as specified in the blipkit startup script, so will have to study that in more detail.

[SOLVED] How to set java.library.path for an Eclipse/Bioclipse plugin?

EDIT: Se solution at the bottom of the page

I'm trying to set the java.library.path system setting for my Bioclipse manager/Eclipse plugin.

Normally, if running java from command line, this variable should be set like so (According to what I've googled up):

java -Djava.library.path=/usr/local/lib/pl-5.7.15/lib/i686-linux/JavaClassName

so I have tried to add the line


to the arguments in "Run" > "Run configurations" for my plugin's product file, under the "arguments" tab.

[SOLVED] "Could not find library -lXpm" when building The SWI-Prolog XPCE package

When trying to build swi-prolog packages from source, the xpce package complains:

Java/Prolog interface (SWI Prolog JPL) up running!

Install notes for SWI Prolog JPL on Ubuntu Jaunty (9.04)

JPL is a bi-directional Java/Prolog interface for SWI-Prolog, which I hope to be able to use for integrating Blipkit into Bioclipse, so I'm happy to have got it up running tonight. Below are some notes from the installation procedure.

NOTE: These are still rather incomplete notes about how to get this to work.