Screencast: RDF Import and SPARQL "Update" in Semantic MediaWiki

So, for those of you who might think the Install instructions for the RDFIO Semantic MediaWiki extension I'm working on are a bit daunting but would like a glimpse of what my GSoC project is up to anyway, I created a short (3:20) screencast demonstrating (ARC2 based) RDF Import and SPARQL "Update" functionality for some example data. (Sorry for the lame speaking ... :P ... didn't sleep for a looong time )

The screencast shows how you can import RDF/XML into Semantic MediaWiki and then use the SPARQL endpoint to insert or remove data to/from articles, even using the original format of the RDF that you imported earlier.

(For you who decide to try to install, please have a look at the error fixing happening in this thread.)