New release of RDFIO (0.2.0) with security fixes

Just to inform that I created a new release of the RDFIO MediaWiki extension. It contains important security fixes, by adding at least some basic checking of user rights and CSRFs (Cross site request forgeries) to the SPARQL endpoint, RDF import form etc. Thus, it's highly recommended to upgrade if you are using the extension on a public wiki!

Also, you might already have seen:

Current GSoC status

Otherwise, me and Denny just confirmed the remaining TODO list for my GSoC project, which is what I start working on now:

  1. In the SPARQL endpoint, enable querying by any URI specified as equivalent URI
  2. For RDF export, implement an "export by ontology" option, that - when possible - restricts the URIs used for a wiki page to only those that appears in an ontology that the user points to
  3. Create an HTML interface for interactively configureing how wiki titles should be chosen for RDF entities for which no preferred "wiki title property" (such as rdfs:label, dc:title etc.) was found.
  4. Add "pseudo namespaces" as an option for choosing wiki titles from general RDF URIs (not only properties!). I.e, the possibility to abbreviate a part of an URI into a pseudo-namespace, making the URI more fit for use as wiki title. (For properties, there if often a well known abbreviation for the corresponding vocabulary/ontology's base URI, but this is often not the case for general RDF entities, which can often be from some user defined data etc).

There are also some extra additions that I'll look into if time permits, like adding support for filtering the output on export with a property such as "RDF export::False", as suggested by Daniel Herzig.