Learning what OWL profiles is (OWL 2 RL in particular)

Just got to know there is something called "OWL (2) profiles", which basically seems to be certain sets of restrictions one can infer on what you can express, with the aim to make certain usage patterns possible.

OWL 2 RL seems particularly interesting for my concern, since it is (according to the above link) meant to be "a syntactic subset of OWL 2 which is amenable to implementation using rule-based technologies", and rule-based technologies is exactly what I'm looking at with SWI-Prolog and BLIPKIT.

In the above linked document, there's a section named "Reasoning in OWL 2 RL and RDF Graphs using Rules". Highly interesting! And, as hinted by Dr. Michel Dumontier, there is support (though unfortunately quite undocumented) for writing such rules in a SWRL-like syntax in Protege 4. That's a useful tip.