GSoC project suggestion

Is there general enough import/export support for RDF data in Semantic MediaWiki that one could use SMW as a general collaborative RDF editor, as part of workflows?

(I know SMW has RDF export, but haven't yet found much about import (Except for OWL), and also wonder what is required to maintain the same RDF format "before and after" importing data for editing, and then exporting?)

I'm asking, firstly because we're interested in this functionality for integration with workflows made in Bioclipse's scripting environment (Since Bioclipse already has support for RDF storage, SPARQL querying, and reasoning).

And reason #2: In case there's more work needed for a general (not Bioclipse specific) such RDF import/export functionality in SMW for enabling this, I'd be interested to work on it as a MediaWiki GSoC project if possible.

Just in case, let me include some some lines on my background:

  • Working now (degree project) on comparing Semantic frameworks in Bioclipse (after having integrated an SWI-Prolog based one), as documented on my project blog.
  • Have a few years of MediaWiki experience, including building a Bioinformatics web interface integrating MediaWiki with external PHP scripts via the MW API (See demo screencast), + a skin (The Sharepoint look-a-like, see: demo)
  • Have some experience from Semantic MediaWiki including install and usage on + a little patch to Semantic Forms