Up and running on Eclipse 3.5 (Bioclipse 2.2)

I now got up and running Bioclipse (2.2) on Eclipse 3.5 :)

I had problems first when just copying the old worspace (Bioclipse 2.0 for Eclipse 3.4), but it was just because I had forgot to upgrade the Bioclipse code base. So I did it, with the command:

 git pull

Then i had to refresh all the projects in Eclipse, one by one, (select projects and click F5, one at a time).

Then I also did the standard refresh things, that solves so many problems:

  • Click "Set as target platform" in target-platform.target (You can easily find it in the navigator by typing Ctrl + Shift + R and typing the first characters of "target").
  • Then in bioclipse.product (Find and open it also using Ctrl + Shift + R), resetting "Product" to "net.bioclipse.ui.product", and "Application" to "net.bioclipse.ui.application" (they seem to be screwed up every now and then).
  • Then Just click the green "run" button in the same tab (bioclipse.product).

That's it.