UPPNEX web portal is live!

UPPNEX's new web portal is now live!

UPPNEX is a new initiative at Uppsala University, (lead by it's High Performance computing center SNIC-UPPMAX), to provide storage and high performance data analysis resources to the vibrant Next Generation Sequencing community in the Stockholm/Uppsala region and Sweden as a whole (some of the many recent projects was recently published in Nature).

This initiative is thought as a resource for wet-lab researchers with limited computer experience, and so it was important to provide with a one-stop place were these users can go to find documentation, information and contact to support staff. A website needed to be built.

Jonas Hagberg, system expert at UPPMAX and lead of the UPPNEX project, built up the site, created the current theme as a modification from the sky theme, and created the overall structure. I did - as currently working at Uppnex - come in at the later stage and created some graphics, the logo (in close collaboration with Jonas) and some additional configurations.

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