Top D programming language links

Although there are numerous resources out there about the D programming language, they don't seem that easy to find. Here I'm trying to gather a top-list of resources for aspirind D coders:

UPDATE Mar 4, 2013: Implemented suggestions by Simen Endsjø

UPDATE Mar 5, 2013: Implemented suggestions by Xinok



I would remove the link to

I would remove the link to as that site has seen very little activity in the past five years. Otherwise, these are two more links I highly recommend adding to your list:

D Forums, with emphasis on the digitalmars.D.learn newsgroup:

Programming in D, an excellent free ebook being translated to English from Turkish:

P.S. Please remove the god-awful CAPTCHA from your blog.


Thanks for the suggestions, implemented now! Yeah, the CAPTCHA was awful ... but so are the spammers (can't understand how they get through anything I set up :( ) ... gotta find another solution ...