Thesis presentation done

I presented my MSc thesis project "SWI-Prolog as a Semantic Web tool for semantic querying in Bioclipse" today. (Report for download here

Find the slides below. I expected a very non-informatics audience (though some of my fellow Bioclipse:rs showed up =) ), had only 20 minutes, and lots of non-common-knowledge things to introduce, so these are really mostly a bunch of pictures for talking through the basics of semantic web, prolog and Bioclipse.

Turning back to the GSoC project now!


Hi Samuel, the first few

Hi Samuel,

the first few slides were really nice. If only you and I would have done a trial talk, the talk could have been so much better. Some points:

1. where was the conclusions slide? The talk ended in void :( A short discussion and outlook would have been useful too (see also comment 5)

2. your talk would have much benefited if you would have added the connections: how do the slide topics relate to each other.

3. your lengthy SPARQL slides are fine, but guide the user to not read the full thing, because seeing the slide disappear when he is half-way understand it is rather disappointing.

4. I disagreed with slide 12; I think you do not make your point clear. A JVM is quite like an interpreter, and machine code is irrelevant; actually, WP states that Prolog is often converted into machine code [0].

5. From slide 18~ish onwards, your presentation became quite unmotivated: you did not hide your own reservations to the outcome, but did not explain those reservations either, leading to confusion in the audience.

In soccer terms: good first half, but second half could have been better; but you scored, and despite the ball on left post by the other team, you won the game :)

Anyway, do you think we can meet on Tuesday to wrap up the project, and talk about the paper?


Thanks for the

Thanks for the comments.

Totally agree that we should have done a preparatory talk. Gotta start doing something about my chaotic life soon, so that things can be a bit more planned ... ^^

Tuesday sound fine!

Tuesday sound fine!