cloud computing

UPPMAX arranges NextGen Sequencing Cloud/Hadoop hackathon in May

For you next gen sequencing bioinformaticians interested in getting some hands on new cloud based technologies for computation, mainly around the hadoop framework, and being around in Uppsala at the end of May 2012, may want to have a look at this:

As the event page on UPPMAX states:
"The hackathon will focus on next challenges that cloud adoption poses: massively distributed data processing frameworks such as Hadoop, distributed cloud databases and distributed bioinformatics applications."

Based on my experiences from a very useful (as in getting new hands on experience) and interesting (as in making new contacts) hackathon at CSC in Helsinki, Finland, I am sure this will be a highly interesting and useful hackathon as well, for all who are faced with the challenges of big sequencing data.

Apply before April 30 to get (EU/COST action: SeqAhead) funding! See you in Uppsala at the end of May!