Blipkit/BioProlog quotes

I just read a paper on BlipKit/BioProlog, (July 2009). This is interesting stuff!

I'll collect some quotes from the paper, that give some key info about the system's capabilities:

  • "Logic programming can provide a means of both performing integrative queries and rule-based inference to accound for implicit knowledge"
    • These are key concepts.

Blipkit, A Biomedical Logic Programming Integration Kit

A collegue of Mats Gustafsson mentioned about Blipkit today. Seems worth checking up.

The thought struck me for a second that it could be even more interesting to integrate, than DR-PROLOG, since it is biomedically oriented. Maybe not, but worth thinking of I guess.

EDIT: Checked up with Egon, who pointed out that it doesn't seem to have a good interface for integration to Java, which would complicate things. Seems like a good point.