GSoC project started

Have started actual coding for GSoC this wednesday (start was 2 weeks delayed because of exams, which I'll catch up). Still just getting up to speed, but looking now into the PHP RDF framework ARC, whose RDF store will replace the currently used RAP store in Semantic Mediawiki. Usage ARC itself looks very straightforward. Just have to figure out the SMW Store API. Looking at the SMWRapStore2.php now, to get an idea.

If you want to follow my progress in (approximate) real-time, then see my twitter.



Where's the source code?

Samuel, where do you upload your source code? Is there a repository people can check out, perhaps even to try out the ARC-enabled semantic mediawiki?

That's a good question. I'll

That's a good question. I'll get something up on Google code as soon as I have something up working. Have to decide on a name for the extension and some file structure first though.

Repo is up now:

Repo is up now:

Will upload code as soon as I have something concrete to show off.