Google supporting Semantic Web development this summer


As going to work on a semantic web related Google Summer of Code project, I thought it'd be interesting to spot the other semantic web projects, students and mentors. Dissecting the list of accepted projects, searching the title field for "semantic" or "RDF", revealed seven projects, and after double-checking the project info I'm left with four (please report if I have missed a project!):

StudentProject TitleMentor
Yigang ZhouDSpace 2.0 Storage Service Implementations Based on Semantic Content RepositoryMark Diggory
Samuel LampaGeneral RDF export/import in Semantic MediaWikiDenny Vrandecic
Sanyam GoyalJavascript overhaul of Semantic MediaWikiYaron Koren
Lin ClarkData Visualization for RDF data [Drupal]Laura Scott
Anurag PriyamDevelop an API for NeXML I/O, and, RDF triples for BioRubyRutger Vos


Scala project about RDF?

Samuel, not all 'semantic' is RDF... are you sure the Scala project is about RDF? It seems more about educating Eclipse about the linguistic semantics of Scala... do you have further info on that project? Same really applies for the Cytoscape project, which also seems to be about linguistic semantics, and oriented at text mining...

Indeed, might be true ... I

Indeed, might be true ... I better check this up ...