Eric Python IDE vs PyDev for Eclipse

st discovered the Eric Python IDE, and I have to say I'm impressed.

I have been using PyDev for Eclipse so far, but was annoyed by the lack of options for the syntax highlighting, leaving me with rather sparingly colored code, which I found a bit hard to read at times. With Eric, I could configure up my favourite scheme (for which the cred goes to Rolf, my father :) ).

I have put the screenshots of my PyDev highlighting scheme, and the Eric one, below, so you can have a look for yourselves:


Eric Python IDE:

I will see soon which IDE I finally ended up using, but so far Eric seems to be the favourite ...

UPDATE: I have now found that Eric IDE lacks code navigation facilities (aka "Go to definition"), which makes it rather useless for my object oriented projects, where lots of code happens away in object methods...