Workaround for non-working sound in MP4 clips in Cinelerra

  1. Load the clip into avidemux (hit cancel on the h.264 warning: "H.264 detected If the file is using B-frames as reference it can lead to a crash or stuttering. Avidemux can use another mode which is safe but YOU WILL LOSE FRAME ACCURACY. Do you want to use that mode?")
  2. Under the video drop down menu (in the left pane) choose: "MPEG-4 AVC"
  3. Hit the "configure" button under video, choose "Single Pass - Quality Quantizer (Constant)" & hit OK
  4. Under the audio drop down menu choose: "AAC (FAAC)"
  5. Under format drop down menu choose: "MP4"
  6. Hit "save"
  7. Load the new clip into cinelerra & sound is there!