Tricks for upgrading from Drupal 5 to 6

Fix duplicate menu items

1. Run, in a MySQL command prompt:

DELETE FROM menu_links WHERE menu_links.module = 'system' OR 'admin_menu';

2. Go to admin/build/modules to rebuild the menus.

Fix i18strings problem

drop table i18n_strings;
update variable set value="i:0" where name="i18nstrings_update_skip";

... then run update 5900 on i18strings on update.php.

Fix other i18n problems

1. Disable all components under "Multilanguage" (i18n)
2. Uninstall
3. Remove all tables with prefix i18n (with phpmyadmin)
4. Reinstall the i18n
6. update.php

Fix irritating date problem

delete from date_formats where type="custom";


Fix cache_* problems

ALTER TABLE cache_views ADD serialized SMALLINT(6) NOT NULL;


Fix image file paths

If you change files directory from files to sites/default/files, you might have to do some updating of the database:

update files set filepath = replace(filepath,"images/","sites/default/files/images/") where filepath like "images/%";