Must-have git how tos

Realized I would need to go through a git tutorial containing the basics.

I liked this one. Very concise, and has sections for the typical roles you might have as a git user. I liked this one too. A good complement to the other. Finally, I found my new mousepad (I mosly use A4 papers as mousepad anyway).

EDIT: On this page I also just learned how to create shortcuts / aliases for typical git commands:
 git config --global alias.[alias] [command]

 git config --global status
 git config --global commit
 git config --global checkout
 git config --global branch



another intro guide

The GitHub blog just mentioned this intro guide:

Thanks. Seems like this one

Thanks. Seems like this one covers mostly the very basics, but as first starter it looks very good. (Might use it for trying to get some friends use git...)