Most of the work is already? (Along the way to model the embryologic process with a semantics/simulation combination)

I've had the idea that I'd like to model the embryologic process with semantics (combined with simulations, which would be wrapped in semantics), into a general query answering system for the developmental process of a given species, but having thought that too many ontologies etc. are still missing, such as for expressing time and space.

Well, in addition to realizing that there are ontologies for describing systems biology models, simulations, and simulation results, already (see blog post), I now also realize that work on the above mentioned ontologies (for time and space e.g.) are there as well, and that tons of work along the line of integrate biological knowledge and systems level simulations, is already done (though they don't seem to address embryology specifically, so far).

Gotta think of what that means. Most probably somebody will soon address the embryology process as well, using the mentioned groundwork, and so I don't have to do it! =P


Generating spatial expression data

Another important piece of work done:

(This data should indeed be captured semantically, and reasoned with :) ... want it, want it, want it (the data) )