Initial observations on the difference between Prolog based reasoners (Blipkit) and DL-reasoners (Pellet)

  • Pellet is coupled with a Datalog reasoner. 1. Sirin E, Parsia B, Grau BC, Kalyanpur A, Katz Y: Pellet: A practical OWL-DL reasoner. World Wide Web Internet And Web Information Systems 2007, 5:51-53.
  • Datalog is a subset of Prolog
  • Jena too seems to have a datalog implementation, according to
  • DLP is the intersection of Horn logic and OWL, where as SWRL is (roughly) the union of them. 1. Parsia B, Sirin E, Grau BC, Ruckhaus E, Hewlett D: Cautiously Approaching SWRL. Science 2005.
  • "But it is also our experience that even seasoned logicians and knowledge representation experts find description logics perplexing, misleading, and simply confusing, especially when it comes to what they can or cannot ex-press. A clear win, then, would be to provide some sort of rule syntactic sugar for OWL DL axioms.