Idea: How to store Prolog rules in Bioclipse scripts

It just struck me a very simple way of storing prolog code inside Bioclipse scripts, avoiding the need for a separate file containing the Prolog code. This might be very useful when using prolog as a kind of "query language" somewhat analogous to how SPARQL is used.
(Update: Prolog in fact turns out to be more powerful than SPARQL in this regard, as shown by the observation in this blog post, that SPARQL doesn't support backtracking).

The idea would be to simply store the prolog code in Bioclipse JS variable, and create a special manager method that can write such prolog query-code containing variables to a temporary file in the workspace and then just telling Prolog to "consult" that file, thereby "feeding the prolog engine" with the logic to use, from inside Bioclipse scripts.


Keep up the good work!

Things really seem to come together ... :)

Thanks for the encouragement!

Thanks for the encouragement!

This is now implemented, in a working version. (See this commit)