How to check out a specific branch from github

I ran into troubles trying to check out a specific branch from github.

I asked about it at #git on FreeNode IRC channel. I'll summarize how to do it:

First run:
git clone git://[path to your project]...git

Then go:
git branch -a see what branches you have. One of the lines you see might be:

In order to start a local branch, based on that remote branch, and switch to it, go:
git checkout -t -b [NameOfYourBranch] remotes/origin/[NameOfYourBranch]

It will give you a message:
Branch [NameOfYourBranch] set up to track remote branch [NameOfYourBranch] from origin.
Switched to a new branch '[NameOfYourBranch]'