Eclipse RCP Troubleshooting hints

(Starting to summarize how to solve those frustrating Eclipse problems, that come up over and over again ...)

If you get error messages like various ClassNotFoundException or:
"The activator net.bioclipse.ui.Activator for bundle net.bioclipse.ui is invalid"

... then, Click the little validator icon in the product file (right left to the question mark icon). Add the mission plugins/features in the corresponding tabs (plugins/features) in the product file editor (the tabs are at the bottom of the editor).

So, the things you have to know how to do, sometimes over and over again:

  • Clean all projects (Menu: Project > Clean...)
  • Refresh the workspace (select all projects, press F5 or select "Refresh" from context menu)
  • Set target platform again (using the two above mentioned methods)
  • Add required plugins in Run configuration
  • Update classpath (Right click a plugin-project and go "PDE Tools > Update Class path").
    • (A little red exclamation mark on a project, typically means it is some problem with the build path)

Also, when importing jar files into the build path of a plug-in, you have to include the jar file itself, it does not work with just the folder that contains it.