Considering name change: SMW RDF Connector --> SMW RDF IO

Most probably, the extended RDF import/export in Semantic MediaWiki, which I'm working on, will be made an extension, to start with (at least that's my idea).

First I was calling it "RDFIO", but in fear of being a too general name, or too undescriptive, I switched to "SMW RDF Connector", and the project currently lives in a repo called SMW RDF Connector.

Now, realize this is awfully long, I'm thinking to go back to "RDFIO", or rather "SMW RDF IO" again, before it's "too late", (haven't even created a MediaWiki extension page yet). Seems like it's the most clever, short choice after all.

Any comments?



What's in a name?

Samuel, I think the name can be whatever you want it to be. The community finds ways to make Semantic MediaWiki be SMW and Semantic Internal Objects be SIO. That said, SMW RDF Connector would likely turn out to be SRC, so your name change to RDFIO was probably a good call.

Ok, good to hear :)

Ok, good to hear :)

Extension page "RDFIO" created

I went for RDFIO, and have so far created the extension page: